I don't know how we don't collectively all love Reese's? I mean, it's the perfect candy. It's chocolatey and peanut-buttery. I remember being a kid and we'd fight to get a pack of Reese's when we were out trick or treating or just trying to grab some from our Grandparent's candy jar(everyone's Grandparents had that, right?).

The website Zippia has put out their list of Halloween candies that each state loves the most. They use Google Analytics to figure it out, so if you Google a terrible candy, you're a part of the madness.

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I must have fallen asleep and missed their list last year because I couldn't find it, but I found their study from 2020 and our favorites were Hershey Kisses, which seems like an odd choice for Halloween, but whatever. You can go back in time here.

What is Wyoming's favorite Halloween candy for 2022?

Great questions, thank you for asking, our favorite candy for 2022 is Swedish Fish. Yeah, that's where the whole you'll need a toothbrush comment comes in. It's dang near impossible to get that stuff out of your teeth.

I'm not here to hate on Swedish Fish, they're a fine option when you go to the movie theater and all the other good candy is gone, but, man, I'm still here on Reese's mountain. I'd walk through fire for a bag of those. Maybe.

What do you think? Are you all about Swedish Fish? I don't think I've met anyone who packs around that stuff as a treat, so maybe I'm just clueless.

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