I’m going to say this once, and may elevate the sound for those of you in the back, Candy Corn is NOT bad. It is the backbone of this country, and if you aren’t shoving that sugary treat into your mouth by the handfuls, I don’t know if we can be friends. With that being said, Zippia released a map of the top Halloween candy each state loves the most. This particular study is pretty interesting because it’s not a ton of repeats, there are a couple, but for the most part, everyone has their own tastes. Also, I couldn’t find Candy Corn anywhere on the map, so this may be built on a foundation of dirty lies. 

Here is how they discovered the favorite candies. 

Using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of each candy. We examined 50 different popular (and some infamously unpopular) candies, given us a range of candies that puts any grocery store shelf to shame. 

We, being sane reasonable humans, excluded gum from our candy list. Gum isn’t a candy. Similarly, we excluded raisins, fruit snacks, and other things people try and pass off as candy to unfortunate trick-or-treaters. There is a reason some houses get egged on Halloween and it’s because they aren’t giving out treats. 

Some of the interesting State’s choices include Maine, who would really buy tons of licorice? I mean, it’s ok, there was a report some guy died eating a bunch of the black licorice last week, but whatever. Indiana chose Dumdums which means they get their Halloween Candy from the bank. Kentucky chose Heath Bar, but growing up there, I don’t think I ate one intentionally, unless it was just there. Not something you seek out, I cry foul.  

What about around the Cowboy State? Colorado like Airheads. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Utah likes Three Musketeers and I’m here for it. South Dakota flexes with Milky Ways. But what about Wyoming? Apparently, Hershey Kisses are a way to a cowboy’s heart. I’m not going to knock it, though, I always feel that’s more of a Christmas treat. 

What’s your favorite? 

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