You read that correctly. See, if we just give 2021 a chance, we'll get a great slice of pizza for our troubles, and we deserve it. I was pretty saddened to learn a few months ago that the first pizza place I tried in the Capitol City was closing. It was like that Bad Day song by Daniel Powder would play every time I drove by the closed shop.

Fortunately, the skies opened up and we were blessed with a Facebook Post from Grandpa's yesterday evening.

If you're looking to grab a slice or a whole pie on Wednesday, go for it! We don't get places reopening very often, so let's rejoice in the fact that we get that great downtown pizza that we all love.

Because I'm a creeper and read through the comments to see what their new hours will be. They're set to be open Monday through Saturday 11 am-9 pm. This is such exciting news. I remember when they had their last day. I say that like I knew it was their last day, I just remember driving down the street and seeing a line outside their door. I was like, man, Grandpa's is doing some business today! Then a couple of days later I saw the story that they shut down.

I'm pretty pumped for this. I'll see you downtown for a slice or two.

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