Do you remember playing kickball at McCormick Jr. High in downtown Cheyenne?

While I was filling in for Chuck this afternoon, I was hearing the jackhammers, front end loaders and dump trucks working down the street hauling away pavement from the parking lot of the Emerson Building, the former McCormick Jr. High School.

It brought back memories of playing kickball during P.E. on the dirt field on the corner of 20th Street and Central Avenue.

That was one of our favorite P.E. activities, especially if your team ended up with Wes Delf on it. He was one of the few people who could regularly kick the ball on to the roof of the building. Wes would clear the bases and score runs while some unlucky student had to climb the fire escape up to the roof to retrieve the kickball.

It looks like they are clearing away the old pavement to re-surface the parking lot at the Emerson Building, adding another layer of history over downtown Cheyenne.