Millions of people from all over the world will make their way to Yellowstone National Park during the summer months, but it may not be the best time to go.

Even though the park is mostly closed when the snow flies, there are still options available for you to visit. You may not be able to drive your car in many parts of the park, but you can still visit some of the popular places and even see the park from a snowmobile.

When you visit during the warmer parts of the year, there are over 700 people working in the park. When the park shifts to wintertime, there are still about 386 according to

Some of those that remain working all year round are working in

  •  education
  • visitor & resource protection (law enforcement)
  • facility management & operations
  • resource management
  • emergency medical service
  • back country
  • communications
  • administrative
  • business

Some of the year round Rangers have put together tips for visiting the park during the winter.

  1. The only entrance you can drive through is the North entrance. This gives you access to the northern part of the park
  2. To see things like Old Faithful or Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, you'll need to book a guided tour or apply for a permit for non-commercial snowmobile program
  3. Plan ahead for lodging options. Lodging in the park is limited
  4. Watch out for winter conditions and monitor them constantly, they can change quickly. Be prepared with extra clothing and food in case of an emergency
  5. Wildlife still roam the park, it's important to give them room and stay a safe distance. 100 yards from wolves and bears, 25 from everything else
  6. Stay on the boardwalks, trails and paths. You can be injured or killed by not following the provided walking areas.
  7. Always use proper trash options. If a can is full, find another to put your stuff in. Animals that begin relying on human food may need to be killed. Secure your food and trash
  8. Even though you many think the bears are asleep for the season, you should always carry bear spray when you're in the park and know how to use it. Animals like wolves, elk, bison, coyote and cougars all remain active during the winter.
  9. Expect limited services. Be prepared and have plan for your visit. Browsing the website or stopping by a visitor center are great ways to plan ahead. Fill up on fuel before entering the park and pack extra food and water.
  10. Cell service is limited, so download the free park app and offline content that's available with no service

Check out this video and learn more.

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