I'll admit it. I figured the Pokes would be able to pull one off against the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii, but I wasn't as convinced about the Broncos taking down The Chargers. Sure, they're pretty similar teams, so there isn't much upside to the Chargers, but they had the momentum going into the game. And for four quarters they held that until the very last minute. It's a Halloween Weekend Miracle!

Taking a look at that 31-7 win the Pokes had Friday Night, it was a close one until the 3rd quarter and the game came unhinged. Looking at the stats, The Pokes completely ran over Hawaii with 281 total rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Levi Williams wasn't expected to throw the ball too much, so they're still working him into the system they want to run, and that's completely fine with the way the running game looked.

Take a bow guys.

Now looking at the Broncos, I figured all hope was lost in the first quarter. Justin Herbert was making some pretty good plays and they were really just cruising against Denver's best efforts. The fourth quarter came and Drew Lock was able to put the ball in the end zone, 3, yes three times! The one that mattered the most came with zero seconds left in the game to tie it up for an extra point and a win. Any given Sunday, right?

Celebrate, Drew.

Seriously, this pass was great, though.

That's how you win a football game. We'll see what they can do this week with the Pokes taking on Colorado State and The Broncos playing the lowly Falcons.

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