Woof. Saying it was a little rough for the Pokes and Broncos this weekend is a bit of an understatement. Both teams taking a loss over the weekend, but maybe we saw some glimpses of hope for the future?

For the Pokes, they were poised to win over Nevada by 4.5, but after just three plays, the Poke's season changed with Sean Chambers going to the ground and clutching his ankle. The prognosis is a possible fibula break. The glimpse of hope I referenced earlier for the Pokes would be the quarterback play by the next man up, Levi Williams.

He's got some wheels on him, right? Not for nothing, the team stared adversity in the eye and tried their hardest to come back. We can look forward to that resolve going forward, hopefully.

What about those Broncos? Well, it's a tough draw anytime you have to play the Chiefs. The game ball went to the Chief's defense/special teams, not Patrick Mahommes. Actually, the Broncos' defense did pretty well against Kansas City's offense. There is your glimmer. Also, Drew Lock will get better, he still needs more weapons around him and he's John Elway's favorite type of QB, so, with any hope, we'll see more skill players drafted and signed. Melvin Gordon is great, but they're going to need more than him, and honestly, someone maybe more mature? Last week's DUI didn't do much for his own PR.

All in all, it was an "oof" wind knocked out of your kind of weekend, but there is so much to build on from both sides. I'm not sitting here being a cheerleader, but there's worse football that could be played by both teams. I do, however believe the Pokes will fare much better than the Broncos'.

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