A veterinarian originally from Greybull had her license suspended in Texas for a year for killing a neighbor's cat with a bow and arrow last year.

In April 2015, Dr. Kristen Lindsey posted a Facebook picture of her in her yard in Brenham, Texas, holding a tabby cat she shot in the head.

Lindsey wrote it was feral and she deserved, in her words, "Vet of the year award."

The cat was later determined to be missing.

The incident drew international outrage.

A grand jury declined to indict her for animal cruelty, but the Austin-based Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has its own disciplinary process, and it reached a decision Tuesday.

"The decision was a five-year suspension," board spokeswoman Loris Jones said Wednesday.

"One of those five years is full downtime, not able to practice," Jones said. "The remaining four years are probated, so she's placed on probation. During that four-year probation period, she has to have a monitoring veterinarian who will be required to submit quarterly reports to the board."

Besides the annual 17 hours of continuing education, Jones said the board ordered Lindsey to obtain an additional six hours of training in animal welfare.

During her nine-and-a-half years with the board, Jones said she'd never heard of a case like this.
The board initially wanted to revoke her license, Jones said.

But the shooting did not warrant revocation, which is reserved for veterinarians repeatedly disciplined for substance abuse or convicted of felonies, she said.

Veterinarians with revoked or suspended licenses may appeal the board's decisions.

Lindsey already has appealed the suspension, Jones said.

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