With the wilds of Montana as her office, Amber Kornak thought she had her dream job with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service grizzly bear project. But on May 17th Amber was collecting DNA samples while alone in the remote Cabinet Mountains when she was attacked from behind by a bear.

Grizzly Bears

Amber grabbed her bear spray, which got rid of the bear, but not until after she received two skull fractures along with gashes to her head, neck, and back.

Despite accidentally spraying herself with bear spray, Amber kept her cool and hiked 2 miles back to her vehicle and drove to where she could be flown to a 4-hour surgery in Kalispell. Wounds were brain deep and needed steel plates and drains for her survival.

You can help Amber with a long and expensive recovery at this GoFundMe page. You can follow Amber’s progress on Facebook.

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