The story made national headlines. A camper pulled from their tent and killed by a hungry grizzly bear. It is a story that we know can come true, but always seemed to be in our nightmares. On July 6th, a cyclist from Chico, California was attacked while sleeping in her tent. Lots of social media comments point out that the camper should have "known better than to be camping in bear country." But, the campsite the California cycling group were staying in was located in the small town of Ovando, MT. Not in the wilderness, or "bear country."

Around 3am on July 6th campers were awaken by the sound of a bear roaming through camp. They managed to run the bear off. They immediately removed any food from their tents and went back to sleep. Soon after, security footage from a local business caught the bear roaming the streets. At 3:30 am the bear returned, and campers heard the woman being attacked. The bear attack was fatal, and first responders were not able to save the woman.

A few days later, Montana FWP shot and killed the suspected killer bear. But, it was not confirmed that it was in fact the suspect in the attack. The DNA samples from the attack site, as well as a sample from the bear were sent to a state lab to confirm. Results have recently been returned and confirmed that the bear involved in the attack is the bear FWP euthanized.


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