It's natural for men and women to meet at the gym and has probably led to many fine romances. But a constant barrage getting hit on can annoy a woman with a short workout time and no interest in hooking up.

Here’s a woman who found a bold response. PRETEND YOU FARTED!

A lot of women liked the response and successfully worked it in to their own workouts.

While some women would be flattered, don’t stare while she’s on the elliptical, don’t offer advice on lifting or ask for her phone number when she is focused on her workout. Never interrupt. Wait until she is finished to strike up a conversation.

MensFitness also says don’t wear short shorts or tight shorts that show off your package. Attenuate the grunting, or drop it all together. Stay out of the Zumba classes. Smell clean.

I asked some of the fine folks at Gold’s Gym and got a lot of laughs, and a few “Yeah, I would do that.” Gold's came up with a proactive plan.

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