Women make up about 51 percent of the U.S. population. However, for the most part, they still don't seem to be getting their due in several aspects. So how is it for women in Wyoming? Let's find out...

Our friends at WalletHub recently did the research to find out what the best states for women are in 2021. Despite the fact that women have an edge in the majority of the population on men, they still lack politically as they hold only 24 percent of the Senate and just over 27 percent in the House of Representatives. Not only that but during the pandemic, they've lost jobs at greater rates than men have.

The recent research looked at a number of factors, including median earnings for female workers, the female homicide rate, and women's preventive health care, among others. Overall, Wyoming ranked 29th for the best states for women. Basically, that ranges our state in the middle tier of states for women overall. While it's not great, and definitely could be much better, it's not towards the bottom of the list, which consisted of states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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A definite positive for Wyoming is the fact that we came in tied for the 4th lowest unemployment rates for women in the U.S. In terms of women's economic and social well-being in Wyoming, we only ranked 37th and ranked 23rd in women's health and safety. While neither of those seems like a proud number, they definitely explain our 29th overall ranking.

The consolation, but also positive news for these statistics is that they present an opportunity to do better.

If you'd like to see where other states rank, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub

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