Once considered the "finest hotel between Chicago and San Francisco," the Sheridan Inn, named for the town it was built in, has it's fair share of history buffs visiting it's halls. But it also has visitors from beyond the grave, or calling those walls their final resting place, though often they're more well-meaning than they are malicious. Today on Haunted 307, we explore the Historic Sheridan Inn in Sheridan, Wyo.

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The Sheridan Inn has a past steeped in Wild West history, originally pitched by Buffalo Bill Cody himself as an attraction on the railroad. Cody was, in fact, a part-owner and general manager of the hotel in its early days after it was completed in 1893. The Inn saw it's fair share of celebrities, playing host to Ernest Hemmingway, Bob Hope, and even President Herbert Hoover.

In 1901, one of the most famous spirits said to haunt the Historic Inn arrived from Virginia on a train as a young woman, looking for adventure and falling in love with the Sheridan Inn. Catherine B. Arnold, or as she is more commonly known, "Miss Kate," is the friendly presence reported to still call the Inn her home today. Kate started as a seamstress, but spent six decades doing anything she could to help the hotel, even as it began to fall into disrepair.

When Miss Kate died in 1968, advocacy groups stopped the impending demolition of the hotel and interred her ashes in the wall of her favorite third-floor room. That's right. The Sheridan Inn is the final resting place of its biggest supporter, Miss Catherine Arnold. 

According to guest and employee accounts, Miss Kate still cares for the Inn from the afterlife. There are so many reports of encounters with Miss Kate, especially as her favorite room was part of a renovation recently that turned it into part of the hallway, that the Inn keeps a special log book of paranormal activity. Miss Kate’s favorite chair was placed next to the wall where her ashes were buried during the renovation.

Miss Kate is said to be a friendly ghost, often wandering the halls or occupying herself with a turn of the century sewing machine. Sometimes, Kate will make her presence known by turning on and off lights on the third floor. A kindly caretaker ghost, beautiful mountains, and a Historic architectural marvel in the Sheridan Inn. What's not to love?

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