Along your travels, have you taken time to stop at any state border signs?

We pass by those signs all the time, some many times over the years, but have you ever stopped to take a picture when you're entering a new state?

We recently were pulling over at the Wyoming and Colorado border and noticed several other cars had also stopped. There are no restrooms or other amenities but when you get up close you'll notice all of the interesting stickers along the bottom of the 'Forever West' sign.'

Wyoming Sign Closeup Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media
Wyoming Sign Closeup Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

Maybe it's a new thing, but I've noticed a lot of stickers along the bottom of the Colorado sign heading south on I-25. Looks like several beer labels among these, I even spotted a 'Futurama' sticker featuring Bender and Fry.

Around the miles of border surrounding the Cowboy State there are lots of opportunities to stop and snap a photo, or put up your own sticker. Which border signs have you stopped for? For some families this is almost a mandatory ritual.

When we stopped, the couple ahead of us offered to take our picture together so we let him. It had looked like the people in the car before them had done the same favor for them. So it was kind of like 'paying it forward.' If another carload of tourists had stopped, we probably would have offered to take their picture too.

We asked our friendly photographer where they were traveling from and he said Fort Collins, we told them we were from Cheyenne, but both of us had just never stopped before. Let us know which state's signs you have pictures in front of.

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