There are so many viral videos of tourist misbehaving at Yellowstone National Park, that new ones don't even surprise Wyoming residents anymore. However, the latest group of tourons were not messing with the wildlife. No... this group was way more petty. They were literally arguing over a parking spot.

In a video that was recently posted to viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, the 1-minute footage shows a group of tourists bickering over a parking spot. One of the two groups of individuals appear to be together (a family maybe?), and one member of their group is actually sitting on the ground in front of said spot, while the rest of the troop stand close by.

Considering the video starts in the middle of the altercation, it is impossible to tell which group was actually at fault, but regardless, it seems like both parties were taking it too far.

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Personally, I have never understood fighting over a parking spot, especially when you are about to walk anyway (whether it's shopping or walking around a national park). What are a few more yards, when you're probably going to end up walking miles anyway. It's even more outrageous when you factor in the relatively nice weather outside when this took place (June 2022, according to the video's caption).

I zoomed in to get a better look at the license plate, in one of the vehicles appears to have a California plate, although I can't make it out for sure. It is worth noting that both Virginia and California have license plate with an all white background and blue lettering at the top. I'm just glad the argument did not end up getting physical.

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