Yellowstone National Park is one of Wyoming's treasures. Millions of people from all over the world have come to Wyoming to enjoy the park. Many of these visitors arrive and enjoy without any incident. However in every bunch, there are always a few bad apples.

It is no secret that Yellowstone National Park is a wild place. In fact, the park service makes it very clear that the park contains wild animals and active geological features and promotes extensive safety awareness. While most visitors abide by the park's rules and safety guidelines, every year there are many visitors that just flat out ignore the warnings.

YNP has seen it all. From bison goring visitors who are getting dangerously close to people falling in the hot springs and never coming back out. Park officials have found tons of debris and garbage in the hot pools and some of the geological features have been disrespected from visitors leaving the trail.

The term "touron" has become the 'affectionate' name for tourists who behave badly. Tourons have always been doing dumb things in the park, but since the introduction of social media we have been made more aware of how frequent these incidents occur. You would think that since everyone is filming and capturing photos, these visitors would be more inclined to stay in check. I believe it is quite the opposite. Most of these tourons are either very ignorant or just very selfish and inconsiderate. Probably a mixture of both in many cases.

10 Absolute WORST Tourist Incidents at Yellowstone National Park

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