Wyoming lawmakers proposed a bill to increase the price of cigarette packs by $1.00, the bill was rejected.  Now Hawaii introduced a bill to ban cigarette sales in the state, could this be the next bill proposed in Wyoming?

Currently, the age to buy cigarettes in Hawaii is 21.  The bill that was introduced would raise the smoking age each year by ten years.  Starting in 2020, you will have to be 30 years old to purchase cigarettes, in 2021 you will have to be 40 years old to purchase cigarettes, and it just goes up from there.  The age restriction does not include e-cigs, cigars and chewing tobacco.

"We, as legislators, have a duty to do things to save people's lives," says State of House Rep. Richard Creagan. "If we don't ban cigarettes, we are killing people."

State of House Representative Richard Creagan is the one introducing the cigarette bill, but is in favor of legalizing marijuana, according to MSN.

Is this too drastic?  Even though cigarettes are bad for you, is it the government's responsibility to tell us what we can and can't do?  Especially, since they are the ones that made cigarettes legal in the first place.

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