HONOLULU, Hawaii -- You laughed and you cried, but mainly, you griped about the less-than-idea streaming of Wyoming's 27-20 victory over Hawaii Saturday night in Honolulu.

For the first time in the Craig Bohl era, the Cowboys rushed for more than 300 yards for a second consecutive game. Redshirt freshman running back DQ James did most of that damage, carving up the Rainbow Warriors' defense for 179 yards on the ground on just 14 carries.

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Dawaiian McNeely added a 61-yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter to all but seal the Pokes' sixth win of the season.

Here are some rants and raves from a late one in paradise:


Jon Nichols (Facebook) Ok…it’s the New Mexico game all over again…get the bad quarter out of the way…blown them out the rest of the game…

Christian Lasher (Facebook) I'm so surprised we are playing undisciplined and unprepared...this is sarcasm btw.

Tanner Bent (Facebook) Dq James was tearing the d up then we just completely stop handing him the ball. Makes sense

Laurie Cates Day (Facebook) Definitely thought Wyoming would be in it a little more ...

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) Andrew Peasley is making me very nervous! He doesn't slide when he runs and he holds the ball too long waiting for someone to get open.

Sean Dunn (Facebook) Only thing worse than our tackling is this garbage streaming platform...

Eric Popham (Facebook) Getting beat by a glorified high school team

Eric Zespy (Facebook) The defense can only hold this line for so long......offenses needs to pull their heads out of that one place it seems to get stuck in over and over

John Rando (Facebook) Where's the roughing the passer on their int? #33 for HI can also go take a long walk off a short pier.

Sean Murray (Facebook) I hate to say it, but we're lucky that we're tied at the half.




Henry Lasher (Facebook) we are looking worse than CSU against Boise

Ron Weltmer (Facebook) Just figure out how to leave there with a W. Nothing else matters.

Andy Edwards (Facebook) O line gets all the credit in this one. They had great pass protection and some big holes.

Daniel Christopulos (Facebook) Great win Pokes! Not an easy place to win.

Jason McMackin (Facebook) DQ JAMES IS A GROWN MAN!!

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