LARAMIE -- Where are all the rants?

Just kidding.

You still found stuff to gripe about. I knew I could count on you. All kidding aside, fans were pleased with nearly every aspect of Wyoming's 28-14 victory over Utah State Saturday night in front of 21,000-plus inside War Memorial Stadium.

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The offense racked up 529 total yards, the defense got to true freshman quarterback Bishop Davenport to the tune of six sacks and the backfield combination of Titus Swen and DQ James accounted for 280 of Wyoming's 330 rushing yards.

You liked that. You know what you liked even more ... Craig Bohl was aggressive with just 19 seconds left in the first half. UW marched 50 yards on four plays before John Hoyland booted through a 43-yard field goal to give the home team a 17-7 lead at the break.

You could've knocked me over with a feather, too.

Here are this week's rants and raves:


Chris McAtee (Facebook) I’m flabbergasted we didn’t simply take a knee and go to half. Such an uncharacteristic decision by CB and I couldn’t be happier about it. Shows some aggression and faith in the men and it paid off. Huge for momentum.

Steve Salter (Facebook) Our play calling has finally been awesome. Lots of mixing it up and throwing passes in there. Freeing up the running game

Ron Weltmer (Facebook) Defense is absolutely phenomenal tonight.

Michael Fox (Facebook) DQ is really explosive! We’ve not seen that since Devon Moore.



Chris Dudley (Facebook) Really have dominated every aspect of this game except the score

Michael Fox (Facebook) This is probably our most complete game of the year. The AFA game was also solid but this one just feels better. Strong performance on both sides of the ball and other than the muffed punt, special teams did well too.

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Gonna be some partying in Laradise!

Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) Too close for comfort. We’re WAY ahead in all of the stats, except the one that counts.

David Romero (Facebook) When the game plan is executed they are pretty good

Jim Vilos (Facebook) Gotta love these younger players, like D.Q. James and others! Great future ahead! Pokes4Ever!!

Dennis Doerr (Facebook) Hells yeah! Great work pokes!

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