It's official, Wyoming basketball star Hayden Dalton has a nickname. Meet, The Haymaker.

Last week, we launched an online poll asking you to pick a new moniker for the Pokes senior forward. The top vote getters were: "The Wyoming Worm", "The Slender Defender" and the "Ginger Giraffe".

We also received dozens of write-in votes for nicknames, including "Hay Day", "HD-3", and "Dunking Dalton".

In the end, we made a judgement call, ignoring all of those votes in favor of a suggestion from a Pokes fan named Rich Timlen, who came up with "The Haymaker". Has a nice ring to it.

Hopefully, the Haymaker will make it rain three-pointers when Wyoming renews their Border War rivalry with Colorado State this weekend. Go Pokes!!!



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