If you were guessing by the title, sorry I mislead you. The Shining is not Wyoming's favorite or most searched, which is what this survey actually is about. At least they're giving us a little more accuracy with what they're saying because they're pulling these numbers by the amount of times a film is searched per state. BUT, if you're going to get a survey about Stephen King movies, the authority would be DISH.

While The Shining wasn't our most beloved and searched Stephen King film in Wyoming, it's no surprise that Colorado has it as their favorite. Probably because of the whole Estes Park/Stanley connection. Probably.

What is the most searched Stephen King movie In Wyoming?

That would be Carrie. A real classic. I mean, it's got everything, creepy parental figure, gore, John Travolta, what more could you want from a spooky teen horror film?

Oddly enough, maybe not odd if this is your favorite, but IT Chapter Two was the top searched Stephen King movie in the country. I'm rationalizing it being the top since it's the most recent release.

Oh, wow, I just looked and it came out in 2019. I feel like it was more recent than that. So, maybe that bursts my red theory balloon? I blame 2020 for lasting 5 years.

Anyways, do you agree? Is Carrie the Stephen King film that you're searching the most? I think it's a solid choice, though, Misery may be my favorite. Gotta love Kathy Bates. Also, RIP James Caan. We'll never forget him.

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