One of the funniest Cheyenne Frontier Days moments from 2013!

One of my radio friends had just moved to Denver from San Antonio. He had arrived after only having lived a short time in Texas. He had worked forever in North Carolina.

Being on the road with his band was in his blood, but after driving for a while, he realized he might have needed a GPS or else a road sign.

Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media PROOF WE LIVE IN SIDNEY
Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media PROOF WE LIVE IN SIDNEY

Boom: It was the road sign that did it. I can prove it. When you come into Cheyenne at the major interchange of I-25 and I-80, the sign says - Casper (North), Laramie (West) and Sidney (East). If you are new to the area and not geographically savvy, you could make the following mistake.

He goes on stage to introduce and welcome the crowd to a major Frontier Nights concert during last years CFD. His first words on the microphone at Cheyenne Frontier Days..."HELLO, SIDNEY!" to the crowd.

....Sidney. Not Cheyenne.

That's right. Someone out of SPINAL TAP or based on rock and roll bands who can't remember what city the tour stopped in for the night. Just awesome. Here's the funny part: He said it again. "Hello, Sidney."

Wonder at this year's shows if we should keep the tradition going...



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