Last week, the Executive Director of the Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Chris Christian announced that she will not be resigning her post in spite of recent controversy within the group.

Several members of Wyoming NORML have blamed infighting for the organization's inability to collect enough signatures for a proposed statewide ballot initiative next fall.

In the interest of fairness, here's an idea that could help settle their leadership dispute once and for all. Instead of name calling, anyone seeking to take over the reigns should be able to compete for the job in a "NORML Decathlon".

The decathlon would consist of five events, each of which would be scored by an impartial panel of judges.

The five events would include:

1. Hacky Sack tournament (best two out of three hacks)

2. Cheech and Chong movie trivia

3. Blunt rolling contest

4. Bob Marley karaoke.

5. The final event would pit the two best scores versus each other in a competition to construct the best homemade bong, using only an apple.

The contestant with the highest aggregate score at the conclusion of the "NORML Decathlon" would receive a free one year supply of Hostess snack cakes and be declared the the new Executive Director.


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