What is your favorite streaming service? Mine changes from what's actually on the services. Netflix is always a favorite, but they'll go MONTHS with content that I don't care to watch. Paramount + has a lot of great stuff, Hulu shows you everything you missed on regular TV for the most part and HBOMAX gives you stuff that might still be in theaters, along with other great shows.

But, what reigns supreme in Wyoming? Barstool Sports shared a post from Streaming FAQ LLC, which track all of this stuff and they grabbed enough information to tell us what each state's favorite streaming service is. I'm actually a little surprised at how all over the place it is.

Wyoming's favorite streaming service is Hulu. Which, I think maybe in part, my fault. I watch a lot of shows that come on network and cable TV from that service. During the winter months, I also use their Live service to watch sports, so maybe, all my hours of Hulu outweigh the rest of the state?

I would almost assume that Wyoming loved Paramount+. Why? Because you can watch the new seasons of Yellowstone and their spinoff 1883, which you can only get on Paramount+. Also, they're putting Joe Pickett on the service now, too. So, this is clearly the most "Wyoming" streaming service, but we still choose Hulu.

I'm ok with the choice, but then again, I'm part of the population that uses the service a lot over other services.

What do you think? Is Hulu Wyoming's favorite?

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