Did You Win $100,000? Somebody Bought A Winning Powerball Ticket In Wyoming

Last night’s draw produced a single winning Powerball ticket worth $435 Million, which was sold in Indiana. 10, 13, 28, 52, 61 and the multiplier was 2.

All in all, there were 2,968,026 winners of lesser amounts. I was not one of them. If YOU were a winner, you’d probably be booking a vacation to somewhere sunny and warm instead of reading this.

There was a $100,000 winning ticket sold in Green River, but it wasn’t me. I haven’t have much luck on my several decades of occasional lottery play, which gave my biggest win of around $28, and that was so long ago, I think I bought a celebratory beer for Fred Flintstone.

Wyoming’s biggest winner happened on Oct. 17 of 2016, when a lucky Cowboy Draw™ winner became WyoLotto’s™ newest millionaire and scored the $1,544,236 jackpot. It was claimed by a Wyoming resident who purchased the ticket in Rawlins, Wyo.. So yes, people do win, but nobody I know.

You’ve seen the odds, and yet, it never quite sinks in as to just how NOT LIKELY to win you are, yet still we lay down our dollars. If we do get a winner, it’s probably so small, we just give it right back to the cashier for new tickets and another long shot on the American dream, the ONE BIG SCORE that will set us up for life. Yes, the struggle is real but a little, tin ray of hope still shines.

The new reset value is now at $40 Million,  a nice little millionaire starter kit. Good luck

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