If you're single in the city of Cheyenne, you're not alone! And that is all too true and not just a play on words. It turns out that when it comes to be single in Cheyenne, you could definitely be in a lot worse spots than southeast Wyoming.

Dating is never easy. And coming off a pandemic, it definitely doesn't make things any easier for anyone. However, it seems that 50 percent of the U.S. population does happen to be unmarried, so there's still hope for everyone out there. Not to mention, online dating is as popular as it's ever been, if you're into that sort of thing. Yes, we're telling you there's a chance!

Our good friends at WalletHub recently researched the best and worst cities across the U.S. for singles. Whether you know it or not, Cheyenne had a relatively decent showing given that they more than 180 of the biggest cities in the U.S. In researching this, data was extrapolated from the share of single residents in each city, online dating opportunities, and the average price for a meal for two. In factoring all that, among other things, where does Cheyenne rank?

It turns out that Cheyenne ranks 53rd overall. Considering the list is the largest 180 or so cities in the U.S., I would say that's a pretty good showing. It's in the top one-third on the list at least. We also finished way higher than Casper. They came in at 135th on the list. Ouch!

Cheyenne finished tied for having the average lowest cost for a meal on a date, which I'm sure factored into the broader category of 'Economics', which also had Cheyenne finishing 1st on the list. We also finished 5th for having the lowest cost for beauty salons and 5th for lowest rent on one-bedroom apartments. So yes, singles have an economic advantage in Cheyenne.

Cheyenne also finished 62nd in 'Dating Opportunities' and 156th for 'Fun & Recreation' (yikes). Denver finished 4th on the list overall, so maybe our proximity to that helped out at least a little. Madison, WI came out on top as the best city for singles. To check out where all the cities finished on the list, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub

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Cheyenne, like any city, is made up of many different neighborhoods. While none of them are as famous as SoHo in New York City or Five Points in Denver, Wyoming's capital city has about 20 neighborhoods that its nearly 65 thousand residents live in.

Neighborhood Scout scoured the information on the Chey-town neighborhoods that make up the 32.37 square miles of the city to find where the most expensive places are to live. We're talking about real estate here, not the price of milk or anything. That kind of stuff is pretty uniform across the city.


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