I have often heard the younger, Casper single folk complain about dating, and not just locally, but around the state. I've tried to argue against this and according to a new online study, we actually aren't that bad.

In a recent study conducted by credit website, WalletHub, the two largest Wyoming cities (Cheyenne and Casper), both scored in the top 50% for singles.

Source: WalletHub

The study compared 182 American cities. In the bigger picture, Wyoming didn't score that bad. Cheyenne did a lot better than Casper though, landing in the 29th spot, with us coming in at 68th. That still puts us ahead of over the half country, but probably not nearly as high as most would like.

The good news is, both Cowboy State cities tied for first place in "Lowest Restaurant Meals Costs".

Our neighbors in Denver, Colorado grabbed the number one spot for the "Highest Singles Gender Balance". Luckily that's not too far off to travel, if one were so inclined.

Despite Casper's ranking, it is worth nothing that according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates, about 45% of the United States adult population is unmarried, which means never married, divorced or widowed. That should add some hope.

The study does mention that the COVID-19 pandemic may have something to do with this year's rankings. When you factor in that the average date costs around $100.00, during these tough times, everyone doesn't have that kind of many to spend. Also, being 6-feet apart and wearing a mask can seriously hamper a date.

It would have been nice to rank higher, but there are definitely a lot of places that ranked worse. It looks like there is still a glimmer of hope for local singles. Now I can at least compare Casper against the bottom 65% of the country when it comes to the dating scene. As a single man myself, I have to be the "glass half full" kind of guy.

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