Meet “Sexy Sue,” a rare and well-appointed business aircraft from the post-World War II era. Delivered by Douglas to the Army Air Forces as an A-26C Invader medium bomber, she was transformed into the epitome of corporate luxury travel.

Tuesday of this week, she landed at Cheyenne Airport and that’s when Cliff Cox (the same guy who had an antelope jump into his pickup truck), captured this rare and classic aircraft. This hot-rod of the skies comes with a story.

Built in 1945 by Douglas in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was born too late for combat, but survived the mass scrapping of war surplus of the times. In the mid‐1950s, Van Nuys, California based On‐Mark Engineering made a series of modifications.

Peter Hambling grew up next to the United States Air Force base in England during World War II. His father was a Royal Air Force pilot. Small wonder that he fell in with “Sexy Sue” when he later came across her after his family moved to the USA.

Peter earned his Private Pilot License at 16 and when he met Sexy Sue, as he says “succumbed to temptation much too easily” and has been in love ever since.

Graham A Robson has a loving tribute to this aircraft.

To those who appreciate the design and manufacture of our American birds that were built to vanquish evil and keep The United States, and the world, safe, I am with you. To those who flew them in combat, We salute you. To those lucky enough to collect and keep them, we thank you. I know it can’t be cheap.

To Cliff Cox, once again, thank you for sharing. Did you get a “Thanks for the ride” from that antelope?

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