This man wasn't about to miss this flight.

Have you ever noticed how odd the airport can be? Maybe it's just traveling in general, but the next time you're in the airport look around. There are all of these rules that we are supposed to follow for our safety. And yet, it feels like other "social" rules go out the window.

It's not frowned upon to see someone walking around without their shoes nor is it odd to see someone sleeping on the floor. Heck, I've seen people grooming at their gates. Shaving, reapplying deodorant, changing clothes... yep, I've seen it all. To be frank, if you've ever experienced a terrible commute, you know that travel can sometimes be more about survival than anything else.

We've all just kind of accepted it.

But the safety rules? Nope, don't go breaking those. Those can make the people around you extremely uncomfortable, not to mention you could also be putting yourself in harm's way.

Like the "don't go onto the runway" rule.

Recently a man in Colorado was arrested for doing just that. According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, the Sterlin Love jumped the fence at Centennial Airport and proceeded to try to board a taxiing jet.

That's right, folks. This plane was already moving down the flight line and getting ready to take off.

The DC Sheriff's office also said that the suspect intended to steal the plane and fly to Hawaii. He is now being charged with several attempted thefts and trespassing. In other words, he's not going to Hawaii.

I also love that they started their tweet with "Today's Note to Self: Life is not a video game."

My question is, does he know how to fly? I don't have my pilot's license but I do have some experience behind the yoke. Let's just say, there are a lot of buttons.

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