I shudder just looking at it, don’t you?

This year has served up plenty of unpleasantries. The biggest of all has to be this pandemic. Having a virus sweep the globe, put us all on edge, and keep us from the safety of a hug from a loved one has been absolutely awful. It’s been scary and straight up feels like the devil’s work. Honestly, I can’t think of anything scarier.

And neither can this guy, apparently.

Recently a homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee put up some truly haunting decorations in his front yard. Now, typically during this time of year we see plenty of Jack-O-Lanterns, inflatable ghosts and, in the case of my neighborhood, skeletons. One of the homes down the street has an entire family of skeletons enjoying what I consider summertime activities. They’re mowing the lawn, laying out on the lawn chair with a drink, and barbecuing some juicy rat for dinner. They are definitely living their best life, for sure. Plus, they probably can’t get COVID.

However, this home doesn’t have any of that.

Instead, this home has a simple wooden sign that reads... “2020.” That’s it. That’s the Halloween decoration. Of course, there is another sign accompanying those numbers. It reads “It was the scariest thing I could think of...”


It’s simple. It’s to the point. Everyone can relate. I am also willing to bet that out of the gazillions of decorations that are on display, this one has garnered the most selfies.

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For the first time, I decorated for Halloween!

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