Thanks to everyone who nominated a local military hero in our CFD Salute contest. We had dozens of entries and they were all great. Here are some of the best stories.


Jason Winn - United States Air Force (nominated by Lauryn Winn)

I nominated Jason because he is one of the hardest working people I know. He's been active military for 19 years and retires next June. He is one of the kindest people that walk this planet and will give anyone the shirt off his back. He's currently saving money for his retirement, but LOVES music and would love to see every concert yall are having if he could. He would be truly grateful for some awesome tickets!


Brian Stauffacher - United States Army (nominated by Erica Stauffacher)

My husband Brian has been through so much in the past 7 years after getting medically discharged from the US Army. I would really like to help bring his spirit up and spend some much needed time with him.


Barry Rucker - United States Army (nominated by Bryan Rucker)

My name is Bryan Rucker. I'm in the United States Army stationed overseas. I would like to nominate my father because he is a true hero who cares so so much about the others. He served 20 years in the United States Army and still serves our veterans by working at the Cheyenne VA.

Brian Skiba - United States Air Force (nominated by Joe Valois)

Sgt. Skiba's house was recently hit by a tornado and I believe this would be an amazing thing for him and his family! He solicited 60 military members to assist clean up efforts in support of his neighbors whose houses were destroyed. He is an amazing example of a military hero within our community.

Vincent and Amber Russell - Wyoming Air National Guard (nominated by Sarah McDonough)

Vince is a dedicated husband, father, and solider to his wife Amber, their son Colton, with another child on the way. This family is has worked tirelessly to make their way in the world and I would like them to enjoy a night out. Not only does Vince serve our country but he and his wife would literally give the shirts off of their backs to make sure no one else went without. The Russell family has personally sat long hours with me while I was sick and hospitalized, going even further to care for and watch over my son whenever I needed the favor. Vince and his wife are true hometown heroes and their sacrifices for this county, this town, and all of its citizens should be recognized. I cannot think of a family that would be more grateful to be selected to win tickets to a CFD event

Theresa Sizelove - United States Marine Corps

I am a Disabled Veteran. I am also a widow and single mother to a special needs child. I am currently a student at LCCC, studying Psychology. College is stressful because I have PTSD which causes anxiety and cognitive issues. I would like to receive tickets so that we can take a break from our normal routine, spend time with family and friends, and relax.

Timothy Zink - United States Air Force (nominated by Vanessa Zink)

I am nominating my husband, Sgt. Timothy Zink. Tim and I have been married for 12 years. We have 3 children, Russia, Austin, and Noah. We met in Germany as young airmen and have created a wonderful life together.
Tim is the most selfless person I know. He gives his all to his family and his country. Tim is a mentor, friend, and confidant to the younger airmen he works with. He puts in the time and effort to help his airmen be successful in their military careers.
Although Tim has to work away in the missile fields, he makes sure our children know he loves and misses them. Tim spends every moment that he is home with our children, whether it's playing baseball with Noah, taking Russia on a daddy/daughter date, or playing a video game with Austin.
Tim has served our great nation with incredible integrity and honor for the past 15 years and I could not be more honored to say he is my husband.

Beau Bybee, Wyoming Air National Guard (nominated by Shelly Bybee)

Beau.. my husband, my soldier. He is the hardest working person I have known. He joined the military at just 17 years old with the support and example of his Uncle Charles leading the way. He graduated just down the road near Sidney, Nebraska, but has been blessed enough to be a fighting machine out of Cheyenne ever since! Beau is the ultimate patriot, defending in overseas and homeland deployments over and over. He now has 20 years in and is even more passionate about this great country than ever. He is often absent from home, working late or gone on missions, but even at home is working tirelessly. Our 8 and 10-year-old girls know whey their daddy leaves often, but they support him and are learning what hard work looks like and results in- they believe their dad is a superhero. They're right. Beau almost always chooses work over play, so I need your help to force him to have some fun!


Ricardo Medrano - United States Marine Corps (nominated by Margarita Medrano)

Ricardo served 22 years in the Marine Corps. He went on multiple deployments and worked hard to meet his missions. He did all this for our country while still striving to be a good husband to his wife and a good father to his two children. As his daughter, I can say I never doubted that my father loved me. Despite putting his country first, he spent every moment he had at home showing us how much he loved us. He did this by coaching our sports teams, going to every event he could, and always listening to us. All the years of service are evident in his drive to build good relationships within the Cheyenne community. His time serving his country may be done but he still serves the community to build a bigger and brighter future.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest and a special thanks to all of our local military heroes and their families. 


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