If you are looking to take the plunge into marital doom, you gotta make the proposal first. Most proposals are pretty straight forward. You simple acquire a ring, make dinner reservations someplace fancy, bring flowers and POP THE QUESTION. Other proposals can get a little more extravagant.

For example, what is more romantic than driving a giant hot dog through our most picturesque national park, and getting down on one knee? That is exactly what Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driver, Zach "N Cheese" Chatham did this past week in Yellowstone.

According to his post on Instagram

It’s official! Zach has found his Cheese❤️ Thank you to @oscarmayer for helping me make this happen with the #Wienermobile

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Zach "N Cheese" Chatham told Fox News

“I’ve wanted Hannah to become Mrs. Chatham since I first met her, but I never knew how I would make her proposal special,” Chatham told Fox News. “When I received the job offer to become a Hotdogger, I immediately knew this was my chance to propose in a way that shows how special she truly is to me.”

“The proposal was on our 14 month anniversary,” he added. “Driving the Wienermobile not only made my proposal possible, but also made it memorable.”

Oscar Meyer was so smitten by the proposal that they have announced that starting this week, you can "Request The Wienermobile" to make an appearance at your next big celebration or even proposal.


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