After Casper native Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard won the World Air Guitar Championship, the neo-nazi 90s punk band Nordic Thunder threatened to sue him. Thanks to coffee and booze, he was able to reclaim his name.

Howard launched a fundraiser with a Chicago coffee company and distillery, who teamed up to create the Nordic Thunder blend. Inspired by Howard's Viking persona, the limited release coffee featured beans infused with a Scandinavian spirit.

The project was a success and, in 2015, Howard officially registered the web domain and secured the promotional rights to his moniker. Howard continues to travel around the world, appearing at Air Guitar contests and promotional events. He's also been cast in several commercials, including a high-profile campaign for Dr. Pepper.

“Nordic Thunder exists as a person who radiates positive vibes and energy into the world, and I believe that my invisible air-guitar playing can bring people together no matter where you're from or what language you speak or what color of your skin is or what your sexual preference is,” Howard told the Chicago Tribune.

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