When disaster strikes, people look to the media for information and resources. Instead, the 24-hour cable news cycle feeds the public panic, paranoia, and political propaganda.

Here's how some of the biggest names in cable news might describe a windy day in the Cowboy State.

Anderson Cooper: "Reporting live from the wrath of the storm in Rawlins, Wyo. while hurricane-force winds batter this truck stop along Interstate 80. Moments ago, a truck driver told us this was the windiest day he's ever seen."

Sean Hannity: "Liberals are already trying to blame this Wyoming windstorm on President Trump. The next thing you know, the mainstream media will be blaming it on global warming too."

Wolf Blitzer: "Stand by, we have breaking news. We're now hearing that a gust of wind in Laramie recently reached 80 miles per hour. We have a panel of wind experts here to discuss the impact this storm may have on students at the University of Wyoming."

Tucker Carlson: "Some of these so-called victims in Casper sure look like actors. If you listen to what they say, it sounds scripted."

Any reporter from the Weather Channel: "I'm standing here in a fully insulated L.L. Bean jacket pretending to struggle for balance while my producer throws debris into the wind behind me. Only a couple more live spots and then we can grab dinner at the hotel bar".


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