You've probably heard by now that the City of Cheyenne has a new system for stopping multiple parking violation offenders in the city, right? It's like shooting in a barrel for city enforcement, most any vehicle parked downtown is probably in violation at one point or another. I think it's just a way to make you go back to work and not have a long lunch. Did they team up with our bosses?

Anyways, you get two hours at most in city parking, otherwise, the Cheyenne PD pickup will come rolling around the block and give you a ticket. Now, over the past couple of years, those tickets have just been building up. To the point where the city is owed a TON of money. My wife is a frequent offender of this. So, I'm hoping she's reading this and gets caught up on it before she gets a window cover of shame put on her car.

The new enforcement system is called the Barnacle. This system is a cover that they install on your windshield that won't allow you to drive. Obviously. If you do try(please don't) an alarm will sound. They also have GPS systems in them, so the Cheyenne PD will be irritated already that you're driving around with this on, and you'll have an even bigger fine to pay. Also, don't try and cut them off, they know.

When you get one of these bad boys on your car, you can pay the fine on your phone, and that gives you a code to remove the cover. They also expect you to return the Barnacle after you remove it. I can tell you, a lot of locals will be losing out on that deposit that they force you to pay for on top of your fine.

Here's a fun, "How To" from the city.

Someone in the city is probably sad that they only got two likes on Twitter. It happens. So, get ready for March if you're a constant parking offender. You'll have a new decoration for your windshield.

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