How free is The Cowboy State? According to The Cato Institute's "Freedom in 50 States" study, Wyoming ranks 14th.

Here is what they said about The Equality State.

"A highly resource dependent state … could stand to improve on personal freedom, where it is below average. … State taxes are well below the national average. Local taxes are at about 4.5 percent of income, slightly above the national average. … The state spends almost nothing on subsidies, and government debt is the lowest in the country. … Cannabis laws are predictable, though not the harshest. Wyoming is one of the very best states for gun rights."

New Hampshire is the state with the most freedom, followed by Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, and South Dakota.

New York ranked last in the report. California, Hawaii, New Jersey, an Maryland round out the 5 worst in America for personal freedom.

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