The giving season is upon us, and how generous do you think Wyomingites are compared to those in other states? It's easy to only think of your inner circle when the holidays come around, but how benevolent are we with people that we don't know? The website Zippia has our back on this and they discovered the rankings for each state on how generous they are.

Here's how they decided the rankings.

Each state was equally ranked 1-to-50 in 3 categories:

  • Percent of income donated to charity
  • Percent of residents who volunteer
  • Average Yearly Volunteer Hours

This looks at the two things most people have to give- money and time. The percent of income donated to charity comes from Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Our information on volunteer participation and the average yearly volunteer hours comes from The National Service.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

Take a look at that map if you will, it looks like the Cowboy state rakes in as a member of the top 10 most generous states in the country! I had a feeling we would rank high, from working with our friends at Needs Inc. Food Pantry. The Turkey Drop that we're working on with them is doing very well, and the Teacher Locker we teamed up with them on before school started did well, also.

Here's what they had to say about Wyoming.

Wyoming knocks out the rest of the states for its spot as the ninth-most generous state. The title is earned easily what with the state’s volunteer rate at 37%. And don’t forget about the 45.3 average hours donated by volunteers each year.

Take a bow, Wyoming, and be happy we live in a state that cares about each other.

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