Everyone knows that one guy who has the shamrock tattoo on their calf, an Irish flag hanging in their living room and blasts Dropkick Murphys as loud as they can, but if you look at their ancestry, they're like 8th generation Irish. The website Zippia did some research for those bros and everyone else with Irish heritage and here's how they figured it out.

To find the most Irish states, we turned to US Census Ancestry data.

From there, we simply divided the total number of residents with Irish ancestry by total number of residents. The higher percent of Irish residents, the more Irish the state.

This data is self-reported, which relies on people accurately knowing their own heritage. Considering, 21% of Americans are unable to name a single great-grandparent, chances are good these results are skewed.

So, we can’t guarantee there aren’t a lot of unaware Irish folks out in the South West, or that in people in areas with a robust Irish population don’t incorrectly assume they are also Irish.

For the cities, we did a similar process, looking at cities and metro areas over 25,000 residents.

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Taking a look around the Cowboy State, Colorado comes in at Number 22, Utah is not Irish at all at #49, Montana is super Irish as the #9 state and Nebraska is going hard for St. Patrick's Day, coming in at #15. So, we're fairly Irish, at least around us. But, what about the Cowboy State? We came in at #18. That makes sense with the Celtic Festival.

Here's a look at how the whole country turned out.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think, are we totally Irish here in the Cowboy State?


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