When it comes to kings and queens in Wyoming, we usually associate the words with rodeo. Or maybe their royal highness' the King of Country Music, George Strait, and Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton. Or King's Saddlery (more on that later.) Long story short, we don't usually think of blue-blooded royalty having anything to do with Wyoming.

But, as it turns out, royals enjoy visiting Wyoming almost as much as celebrities do (we're looking at you, Kardashians.)

When Royals and Monarchs Visited the Cowboy State

I'll be honest; I was a little surprised by the number of times royals have visited Wyoming. And these are just the visits we know of. Plenty of royals have visited the slopes near Jackson on the down-low to avoid the paparazzi. But, anyways, back to the visits that we DO know about.

Over the last hundred-plus years of Wyoming history, royals worldwide have paid our state a visit. A few even visited before we were a state. Some came for the views, others for the country dancing. Let's check out every time a royal has visited Wyoming:

Every Time Royalty Visited Wyoming

Check out the line of monarchs, lords, and ladies that have graced Wyoming with a visit throughout history!

So, of all the royal visits, who were you most surprised by? I'm torn. On the one hand, it was pretty surreal to hear a Prince of England attended a 4th of July Parade - because, you know, the whole Boston Tea Party thing. But I'm also surprised by the Prince of Monaco (Albert I) wanting to take on a Rocky Mountain Bear. How about you?

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