Just under 200 trophy-sized fish have been caught so far this summer in Wyoming, according to Wyoming Game And Fish Department.

This past June a new program was implemented called the Master Angler Program. If you catch a fish that was in the range for trophy-sized then you submit that fish. If it meets the requirements you will receive the title as Master Angler, a decal sticker of the species you caught, your name will be on the Game and Fish website. If you catch five trophy-sized fish but of different species, you are named a Trophy-Angler and you get a commemorative medallion. If you catch 10 trophy-sized fish of different species you get all of those other prizes plus, you are named the Ultimate Angler and you get a special prize package.

Fishing is great in Wyoming, and it will only get better throughout the rest of the summer and fall,” Mark Smith, Game and Fish assistant fisheries management coordinator, told WGFD. “The numbers of trophy fish folks are catching is very impressive.”

The species that have been caught the most are crappie, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and walleye. Other species that no one has turned in yet are burbot, golden trout, grayling, sauger, shovelnose sturgeon, or tiger muskie.

If you go fishing and catch a trophy-sized fish, submit it here.

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