I don't have to lead into this story blaming a lot of things on the Covid-19 Pandemic, but...I'm going to lead into because it's true. Our spending habits have been sanded down this year in comparison to previous and it's looking like it's showing for the Holiday season. The Website Zippia did some research on how much we're spending per state.

Here's how they figured it out.

Zippia.com, a career resource website, conducted a study of 1,900 workers across the US to better understand what this holiday season looks like for workers.

Each respondent was asked the same series of questions and recruited through Clickworker, a leading survey platform.

The “how much will you spend on Christmas gifts” number featured on the map is the most common response received.

Normally, this would be where I would say, "let's take a look around the Cowboy State" and compare to what crazy thing Wyoming will say. Well, this time, all of our neighbors said the same thing. The answer? Workers are spending under $250 this year on Christmas gifts. It doesn't matter if you look at Wyoming, or North, South, East or West of us, it's the same result.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

If you look at that map, most everyone in the country is doing what we're doing here in the Mountain West. I mean, Alaska always has to be different, so they're going big, look at that? $1,000-$1,500! But, other than that, we're really not balling out as a country.

What do you think?

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