That's a great question, I think. Are we a state full of rugged cowboys, Arthur Fonzarelli's or Steve Urkles? Fingers crossed we aren't the latter, unless we want to be Stefan, he was pretty cool. The website Zippia decided they wanted to call out the states with nerdy tendencies I guess, kind of a weird flex, but whatever. Here's how they looked into it.

To determine where the biggest fans of hobby or fandom were, we turned to Google Trends to find state-level topic search volume. These topics include searches for things like “Dungeons and Dragons games near me”, deep questions about the Star Wars universe (but also, when the next episode of the Mandalorian is on), and Harry Potter fanfiction.

Basically, all the questions a pretty passionate fan (or nerd) would be looking for. From there, we averaged the search interest of all categories together. The higher the average search interest, the nerdier the state.

Looking at states around Wyoming, it's no surprise that Colorado came in at #8, but, what's up with you, Utah, being #1? Idaho was #4, and Montana was #12. Wow, that's really telling about the Mountain States.

What about the Cowboy State? Are we actual cowboys? Well, while we didn't hit the top 10, we did come in at #14. I think we can blame that on the Mandalorian. That's like super cool, and not nerdy, right?

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