Sometimes it’s nice to get an outside opinion on the state of your state. Doctors, business pros and married couples smartly seek objective opinions to optimize performance. So Popular Mechanics released 50 States, 50 Things America Must Fix Now and of course, I went right to Wyoming. The focus is on fixing some aging buildings but we get kudos for our attention to education and energy.


"Aging school buildings have put Wyoming's schools at risk of turning obsolete. As the state continues to devise ways to pay for needed maintenance of buildings—a 2015 "sinking fund" approved by voters will help stop-gap some issues," according to the site.

The list adds that there a are some highlights going on in the state, specifically involved with wind energy noting that the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Projects are "on Trump's short list for infrastructure upgrades."

Looks to me like a good report card, what say you? Comment below if you like.

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