So one thing you’ll learn about me, I like to have a good time.  Sunday Funday is one of my favorite activities and ways to enjoy life.  So my rowdy group of Sunday Fundayers and I made the trip to Laramie.  As you may or may not know, about halfway through the pilgrimage to Laramie from Cheyenne, you see a “Point Of Interest Ahead” sign.  So we’re like, cool let’s check it out! 

To my genuine surprise, it was a fenced in rock with a curved tree sticking out of it.  Really?  This is a point of interest?  Investigation was a must at this point.  Why would the state of Wyoming consider this a point of interest?  It’s literally a tree in a rock.   

As we pulled over to see what this was all about, there were plenty of signs to give this point of interest meaning. 


So, like a lot of things in this area, the railroad was like, nah, this tree is cool, let’s lay track away from it.   



Ok, so this is like an introduction to Sherman Mountain, Vedauwoo and Medicine Bow?  This is interesting!  Also, just turning around and seeing those cool rock formations makes my Midwestern eyes stimulate.  This is really cool.   


So, it’s more than just a tree growing out of a rock, kind of.  I’m now a fan of this Sunday Funday stop.  I actually learned something about my newly adopted home. Now I’m going to start new slogans for promoting tree in rock.  “Tree in Rock, not just a tree in a rock, you’ll learn something”.  I’ll keep working on that... 


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