Instagram now lets users choose their preferred pronouns.

On Tuesday (May 11), the social media platform made the announcement and unveiled the feature in select countries, including the U.S.

"When having a conversation, people use pronouns to refer to someone without using their name. You can add up to four pronouns to your Instagram profile to help others refer to you," Instagram writes in the Help Center.

How Do I Change My Pronouns on Instagram?

In order to change your pronouns, you'll need to access your profile. To do this, you can click the user icon or your profile picture in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. Click "Edit Profile" just under your profile name and information, then select "Pronouns." You can then type your preferred pronouns and select the option from the results that appear below.

Users also have the option to show their pronouns to followers only. To select this setting, toggle the white/blue button next to "Show to Followers Only." This setting will be on default for minors under 18 years of age based on the birthday listed on their profile. Finally, tap "Done" in the upper right-hand corner to save your information. Users can delete the pronouns section or update it at any time.

If your preferred pronouns are not listed as an option, you can submit a request for them to be added. At the time of this article's publication, Instagram offers: she/her, he/his, they/them, xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, thon/thons, ey/em/eir, fae/faer/faers, among others.

This new option only works with the latest version of Instagram, so be sure to update your application before attempting to edit your profile. Pronouns will only be visible on your profile and won't be used in any other way on the platform.

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