Oh man, I love this topic, not because I really care if we're woke, I know the Facebook comments on this are going to be gold. Filled with tons of "who cares". It's great. The website Zippia decided to look into each state and find out who is the most woke. If you're wondering what woke even means, our friends at Urban Dictionary describe it as "the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue". Here's how Zippia figured it out.

We started by looking at Black Lives Matters protests, using data from CountLove. We looked at two factors: The number of BLM protests in each state and the number of attendees per state population.

From there, we took into account voter turnout to see where people are speaking at the ballot box.

After that we used data from the ACS for the percent of population with a master’s degree or higher. Wokeness has its roots in awareness and education, after all.

We then looked at the USDA’s data on the number of organic farms operating in each state, because nothing is more aware than being aware of what you’re eating.

Finally, because being woke has become a bit of a lifestyle, we used Google Trend data to find where the most people are searching for Kombucha. The more people guzzling the fermented tea, the more woke the state.

All of these were averaged together to uncover the wokest (and least woke states).

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Woof. That was obnoxious, even for me. Let's go ahead and look at states around us, you know Colorado is going to be a top state, and they were, coming in at #4, Utah was #24, Montana came in at #14 and Nebraska came in at #36.

So how woke is Wyoming? We aren't the most or least wokest (that's a word I think). We came in right after Nebraska at #37. I feel like that number should be lower, but apparently, we rank higher than any of us though.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

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