One of our Wyoming State agencies for helping some of lower economic means, operates on little or no budget for most of their work. With Christmas looming and realizing some of the people they help could not afford even the smallest of gifts, this particular group of state employees came up with a “Giving Tree” with paper ornaments that had names and a toy request for a boy or girl.

It did not take long for these requests to be granted. But there was one guy with the agency that was out of town while the tree was up. Even with all of the ornaments taken care of, he still wanted to help. He went out and bought two $20 gift cards for each of the indigent clients so they and their kids could have a better Christmas. Faith in humanity restored.

We know about the successes of major toy drives and help with food and clothing from organized agencies and are warmed and grateful for their successes. But there are a lot of people doing good deeds out of the spotlight because that is the right thing to do. I find a lot of this kind of ethic in Wyoming.

Given the headlines of an overabundance of hate and violence these days, I just thought I would quietly remind you that good things happen too,