Where there's a will, there's a way. If you have the will to send a real jackalope to a friend in every single state, I have an idea for you. It's possible you could do it for just about free.

I need you to follow me on this train of thought I'm on. Since we all know that jackalopes really are real (*wink wink Douglas*), I believe it would be a good thing to spread the word. Here's where the jackalope math begins. You only need 3 things to make this happen:

1. You need a friend in all 50 states

2. You need a place to that can ship jackalopes (I will help with that)

3. You need someone to provide you the real money to enable your jackalope sending project

I'm not recommending you send some cheap jackalope knockoffs from Amazon. Nope. I'm talking real jackalopes from a real Wyoming place. It just so happens that I know that Jackalope Junction offers legit mounted jackalopes with real antlers and not fake plastic ones. For $199 each, they will ship one of these beauties to you or your friends. Note: they're currently on sale for $179, but we'll go ahead and allow for the full price in case you're seeing this after the sale ends.

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Let's do some multiplication. If you have 50 friends in 50 states at $199 per jackalope, that's gonna cost you nearly $10,000. You might think "hey, I'm not made of money". Here's where it gets good.

Starting Monday, April 5, you will have 10 chances a day to win up to $10,000. Oh, look. Your jackalope for 50 friends project is now paid for. What do you have to lose? Answer: not a thing. You could be the ultimate jackalope ambassador or just use the money for something completely different.

You'll have to admit this is a really swell Wyoming gift idea though, right?

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