Now, keep in mind, I'm an admitted Coke addict. Coca-Cola that is. Or more specifically, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. I've always got some in my fridge, I even keep a few stashed in the break room here at the station. It's equal-parts stress relieving and an indulgent treat for after the gym. Coke recently released the first new flavor added to its traditional line-up in over a decade: Orange Vanilla.

I was skeptical, I'll admit. When I think of delicious flavors, that's not typically the first thought that comes to mind. Coke assured us that they'd done focus groups and chosen this new flavor over raspberry, lemon and ginger, all of which sound pretty awesome to me.

But then: I finally found it. Coke Zero Orange Vanilla.

I snagged my bottle from Kum & Go, and skipped the whole way back to the station to try it. Here are my thoughts: "Where has this been all my life?" The best thing about this new flavor is that it doesn't hit you over the face with the new flavor. It reminds me of an orange creamsicle, but with the subtle orange flavor you may remember from Christmas Chocolate Oranges. Through all of this, it still tastes like the Coca-Cola you know and love.

And I'm hooked. I'm writing this now with my second bottle of Coke Zero Orange Vanilla. And I have an unopened 12 pack waiting for me in my fridge when I get home. I should mention that this post is #notsponsored, but... Coca-Cola, if you're listening....

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