Are you ready to rock? If you are, this weekend is all yours. Two great bands that both started in the late 90s/early 00s will be hitting two separate stages this weekend to test your eardrums. Puddle Of Mudd and Buckcherry both have tons of songs you know and I'm pretty sure if you were planning on seeing two concerts in a weekend, these two, back-to-back would be a great way to spend a weekend.

Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle Of Mudd will be performing Saturday at The Lincoln. Tickets are just 30 bucks for this show. They first blew onto the scene with their hit Control, but off that first album, they're probably most known(even for my Mom!) for their love ballad, She Hates Me. I remember being a teenager in the early 00s listening to that and my Mom not yelling at me for listening to a song with a naughty word, more so, just laughed because it's a quirky, creative song.

Nonetheless, Puddle Of Mudd can rock! Check out some of their stuff.


Buckcherry will be performing Friday night at the Outlaw Saloon. Tickets are on sale for 22 bucks in advance for this show. They first blew on the scene with their hit Lit Up but their most popular song, which you probably know is Crazy B**CH. The latter song was a huge hit when I was in college, I remember seeing them around the time that song was released. I also won their first album off the radio, pretending to be my Dad. I was at my Grandparent's farm and I called in and won their CD and I think maybe a pizza or something.


So if you've thought to yourself that we don't have enough rock bands coming through Cheyenne, you better jump on this, this weekend.

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